CORN Consulting services presentation (pdf, 1.2 Mb)


We know certain solutions

Our development strategy comes from 10 plus years experience gained by our department leaders.


We have 4 instruments that will assist your company to increase its effectiveness, employees’ satisfaction and personal responsibility.


 Learn how our management accounting approach may lead to decrease of costs and employees turnover.


We worked for various employers and know the problems that are usually kept as ‘confident’ – employees’ resistance towards innovative processes, managers solving their own problems in company’s detriment.             


Our versatile and deep experience, both in tiny and large companies, gives us an opportunity to discover main problems in one day and propose proper solutions in next three days.                                  


We do the work ourselves. We are not searching for cheap inexperienced workforce.                                      


We utilize Lean Manufacturing principles for business expertise and further improvements.


With special tact and skill we are able to predict our client’s expectations over their company image – our Creative director is a talented designer and rebranding specialist.

Our main office is situated in Russia, Moscow