My Greek adventures

I dreamed of Greece for ages since I saw it thru Gerald Durrell eyes. Our acquaintance happened in Rhodes, isle of sun. Shall I start my story here?


Rhodes isle is tiny but picturesque.  Its close location to Turkey has rendered its ‘bad service’. Red and golden-haired Greeks can rarely be found here nowadays.  Assimilation was painful and light-haired individuals disappeared under the onslaught of Ottoman genes. We should specially underline the fact that a Rhodes Greek will damn Turkey having got a Turkish family name and even first name.

It could be understandable, if Greeks kept their orthodox dislike to Turks being invaders and infidels. In truth Greek women visit churches with bare head and their decolette neckline can be so deep that the famous Cicciolina would be jealous seeing that. And doncha dare order Turkish coffee. There’s no  Turkish coffee – just Greek or Nescafe. But Italians being Rhodes frequent visitors have also brought cappuccino and espresso here.


There is the only city here called after the isle name. It is interesting to visit those historical places full of fine architectural masterpieces. Variousconquerscameherebringingowncultureandtraditions. You may know the history of Colossus of Rhodes – one of Seven Wonders. No stone can show us how grand it was. There are two sculptures marking the place where Colossus feet were: a stag and a doe.


Having thrown my suitcase to the furthest room corner I ran to the swimming pool. It would have taken long to go to the seaside while the sea water was close by – just below the room windows. The ‘hydra’ was turquoise. You can hardly find such color anywhere but Greece. The pool was shallow and I felt frightened to jump from the side so I walked to the pool and back after a short swim. After enjoying the cool water I put myself to a chaise-longue and fell asleep.


I was awakened by a wild laughter. My friends made fun of me: the pool floor was newly colored. Guess the color – yep, it was turquoise. And it’s clear that my heels went turquoise as well. While I was sleeping the girls brought water-resistant eye shadows and painted Greek flag on my blue feet. It wouldn’t wake me up – I had had no chance to sleep the night before and Morpheus happened to be stronger.