CORN Consulting services presentation (pdf, 1.2 Mb)


Our Strategy

We would like to show your company the ways of internal resources optimization and successful external opportunities attraction. We hope that companies’ top-managers are able to take the fact that their high income depends upon social environment, rationality and economy. Our four tools are aimed to fulfill these principles.


We have decided to perform an ambitious exercise – examine a company as a whole organism. We want to work out and apply a mechanism that will assist in drawing a whole picture of company’s life. We are not interested in separate elements – sphere of interest for industrial consulting. Dividing a problem to separate parts you may face a risk of losing the pivot that keeps all elements working.


CORN Consulting is planning to become a leading company within Russian Federation consulting services market. We consider that CC will broaden its business location opening new representative offices abroad (in London). We are sure that Russian business is in need of quality consulting. CORN is ready to propose it to our clients.